Walgreens Has Me Over a Barrell

I take over twenty prescription medications per day. I would say that gives me a ten out of ten on the experience scale when it comes to getting my drugs filled and how to manage the insanity of juggling all of it. Finally about a year or so ago, I switched most of them to PillPack, which is a mail-order service. (I’m not getting anything to promote them, I just love them that much.) They have simplified my life in countless ways. They handle my refills and put my medication into packets for each time I take it. Unfortunately, they cannot fill scheduled drugs.

I have one medication that is a Schedule IV narcotic, and I have to get a printed script and get it filled at my local Walgreens. It can only be refilled three days in advance, and it cannot be transferred, not even between two different Walgreens in the same state or down the street from one another. However, this last time I went to pick it up, with no advance notice, I was told I can only get it one day in advance. This new policy is at the discretion of the store pharmacy manager.

Wait. This gives me NO time if my husband is out of town, or if I am having a bad day. This is also not a 24-hour store, so I have a fixed time for getting there. Forget ableism…even for regular people, what are you supposed to do if you go out of town? Set your entire schedule around refilling this one medication? This is not a state law or a recommendation or anything. This is simply one person’s preference that is screwing up my life.

I need to discuss this with the pharmacist, but I am terrified of being black-listed as a drug seeker. I do not think that is paranoid in today’s environment, either. What kind of policy is this?

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