The Impossible Character

Impossible Character

The impossible character has lodged herself in my brain, but she refuses to allow me to write a story about her. Not even a short story or a poem. Each time I sit down to scribble something about her, I hit an enormous brick wall – yet she continues to torture me as I write other protagonists, go about my daily life, and try to sleep at night.

Oh, I have sized her with a dozen different plots, but none of them fit her correctly. She complains she is too old or too young, too typical or too strange. In her quest to succeed, she has prevented me from doing so.

She is picky but relentless, and I am already weary of the sword she uses to slash through my ideas. My attempts languish in a folder on my hard drive, never forgotten, always lurking in the musty corners of my mind. The number of times I have tried defies belief.

Layla is I, or she was, a decade or two ago. She is a type-A, driven, goal-oriented, stubborn, snarky little woman who refuses to let anything get in her way. Her take-charge attitude and unwillingness to cower in a corner allow her victory over the inordinate barricades thrown in front of her. Because Layla is also me now, I refuse to give up and let her win over me.

I believe perhaps her story is too personal for me to write today, but someday, I will tackle this mountain and grant her the narrative and outcome she deserves. Someday, I will give her the voice she desperately needs and the story she has to tell.

On that day, I will have achieved a stunning and glorious victory.

Who is your impossible character? What will you do to give them the perfect ending?



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