Stir in a Cup of Menopause

As with all good intentions…The great practice of medicine being practice, the great physician and I decided it would be a wonderful idea to rid me of my female problems; this way I could concentrate on my Addison’s Disease. I had a host of issues, so this seemed like a great plan to me! Off I went to the hospital, loaded up on steroids, ready for the big day. The surgery for the hysterectomy went great; the next day I went home with my little tube of estrogen-in-a-pump. I am a great planner, or my friends are incredibly paranoid; I had a bottle at work, several strategically placed around the house, one in my purse, one in my work bag, and one in my car. There was no way I was going to forget to use this stuff! Menopause was not for me.

Fast forward six months. I had gained thirty – yes, THIRTY – pounds, felt depressed and tired, my blood pressure had shot up like fireworks on the Fourth of July, and what, oh what was wrong with me NOW?

The internist proceeded to send me back to the gynecologist. She knew…but he did not believe. However, he ran the blood test anyway. It came back, and we all let out a huge breath when we found out this hormone replacement therapy had been doing NOTHING for me. NOTHING at all! Unlike most women who get to gradually ease into menopause, my parts were ripped out of my body; I went there overnight! All those little bottles everywhere…useless. Now we start again.

So if life were not thrilling enough, dealing with all of the ups and downs of having a husband, a job, a daughter, and stinky old Addison’s, I was now a thirty-something-year-old woman in full-blown hairy-scary witchy-bitchy menopause.

After being on the patch for two weeks, those chin hairs did not seem to be fading…on the positive side, my husband was no longer the only one who could grow facial hair in this house.

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One thought on “Stir in a Cup of Menopause

  1. Wow thank you all for commenting you really helped me figure out some things by reading your stories. It’s really good to know I am not alone.I have been married for 20 years and physical relationship has always been an issue that started about 3 months after we where married. There was a period in time for about 1 year that things started to get better, but the bottom feel out one day and it just got worse (that was about 6 years ago). I have two beautiful children.I have tried begging, groveling, doing more house work, I fix everything around the house all the time, talking until I pass out, ultimatums, I even threatened to divorce hopping that would shake the sugar tree. I once even had a girl pretend to by my gf to make her get mad at me so we could genuinely talk.If it were not bad enough being in a sexless marriage ( I get the every few months quikie where she lays there like a dead fish and if I try to be romantic at all she walks away and yells at me). She grosses out over sweat and when my man seed – omg better not touch her unless it’s inside. I yearn for a deep long passionate kiss with things dancing but I have even forgotten what it’s like. The worst part is she has been sabotaging any good times for the last 20 years. Any vacation she put me through hell to take the kids on screaming and yelling about money. Finally now she just kills them and we do nothing.So I think I want to divorce her and I asked her for a divorce, I question my decsion but I see no light at the end of the tunnel.

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