The Medication Misadventure

Oh the fun we have as permanant patients! Just when I settle on a medication that seems to be doing its job, it up and decides to quit working. Yeah, thanks for that! It’s back to the doctor I go, and the gastroenterologist, Evil Genius, changes me over to one I took years ago. (At this point, so much has changed, none of that counts.) He told us to call him in two weeks and let him know if it was working, or if we needed to try something else; we could make adjustments over the phone. Yes, we are that close by now. All of my hospitalizations in recent years have been for GI related stuff.

Within 48 hours, I was flushed, my heart was racing, and my blood pressure had sky-rocketed. Of course all of this had me nauseated. I laid in bed and felt like I was running a marathon. Or what I imagine that would feel like, anyway. It took a bit, but husband finally put it together and looked up the side effects, and sure enough, I was the poster child for the top ones. I have no idea why this time was different, but it was. I’m gifted that way.

So I took some anti-nausea medication, which also has the lovely side effect of putting me to sleep, and I laid in my bed and rode it out. Husband called the doc’s office, they concurred, and I knew I would live through it. It took all day and most of the night, but by the next morning, I felt better.

Unfortunately, husband was sick with a cold he caught from the kid, and his brain was not firing on all cylinders. He preps my meds in the morning and brings them to me. In case you haven’t figured it out by now, yes, he gave me the medication again. OOPS! At least we knew what to do! He felt terrible, and I felt so badly for him, although I felt pretty sorry for myself as well. I immediately started the anti-nausea meds, laid down, had him cancel my rehab appointment, and prepared to ride it out again. I also told him to take the bottle of pills and put it away. Far, far away! I was not taking any chances.

I am finally past all of the side effects, and I think the last of it is out of my system. Now I just feel like I have been hit by a truck. On the bright side, I am pretty much used to feeling that way, so I’m good to go!

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